domingo, 30 de junio de 2013

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Operation bikini

HAIR:   Adile   [LeLutka]
SKIN:   June Skin   GROUP GIFT   [Hush]
BIKINI:   K-Collection (Spring 13) Vanessa   FREE   [LG]

HAIR:   Vent   [LeLutka]
BIKINI:   Crochet Pink #12   ESH HUNT   [ SAKIDE ]

HAIR:   Lana   [LeLutka]
BIKINI:   Crochet Cream #12   ESH HUNT   [ SAKIDE ]

( The bikinis include skirt and flower head )

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I'm still thinking of you

HAIR:   London - fades   >TRUTH<
DRESS:   Nautica Fatpack   MIEL
FEETS:   Tip toe bare feets   GROUP GIFT   {Kokoia}

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Stealthily Stealing Cakes

HAIR:   Colour Demo Fantasy    GROUP GIFT   RED MINT
OUTFIT:   Punky Complete Outfit Pink    NEW!!    NyTrO 
(Included Sunglasses and Sneackers whit Texture Hud)
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Ball Entered!!

HAIR:    Liz    AMACCI
OUTFIT:     Get Ready for This Blue     NEW!!     HOT STUFF
(Included Sneackers and Hands Bands)

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sábado, 29 de junio de 2013

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The Show Must Go On

HAIR:    Zuzka     TRUTH
NECKLACE:    Silver Heart      MG
SHIRT:     Tops Tshirt with lace grey (with T. Appliers)     DEETALEZ
PANTS:   Pam Leather Pants Snake Pink     NEW!!     LEGAL INSANITY
SHOES:    Kioto     KOKOIA

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Happy July 4th!!

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Roadhouse Blues

HAIR:     June    NEW!!     TAMELESS
SHIRT:    Loose Rolled Up Tshirt -Loved it First     NEW!!     KRAUTUVE  for SFW
PANTS:     Leggins Colors Darkred       [I][I][M]

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You Find the Elephant

HAIR:    Hollana   TRUTH
OUTFIT:     Crochet Shorts, Top & Hat      SWANKY
FEET:     Tip Toe Bare Feets      GROUP GIFTS      KOKOIA

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viernes, 28 de junio de 2013

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Curiosity Killed the Cat

HAT:     Jones Cowboy Hat Crocodile     LEGAL INSANITY
STOCKINGS:     Stockings Red     NEW!!    HOT STUFF
(with slink feets appliers)

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Sayonara, Baby!

On Tru:
HAIR:    Nessa    NEW!!    TAMELESS
JEWELRY:     Oval Gem Set    NEW!!!    [I][I][M]
SHIRT:    Urban Chic Tshirts (with TextureHud)      LEGAL INSANITY
SKIRT:     Emo Skirt Black      NYTRO
STOCKINGS:     Pantyhose Purple   NEW!!    HOT STUFF
(with slink feets appliers)
BOOTS:    Leather Docks unisex purple    [I][I][M]

On Pol:
HAIRBASE:    Tribal 10     RAMS WEAR
TATTOO:     Only God Can Judge      GLUE INK  
PANTS:     Mens Dark  Lowriders     NEW!!    SS          
SNEAKERS:    Wild Skater Shoes     NYTRO

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Under the Sidney sun

HAIR:   Drake     TRUTH
SHIRT:   Dead Tee Man Pink  NEW!!   NYTRO
PANTS:  RKX12- Patched Loose Pants  RAMS WEAR

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jueves, 27 de junio de 2013

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I´m The Boss

CAP:  Mad Baseball Cap    NYTRO
SKIN & BEARD:  Sunkissed Skin & light beard  PROMO FOR SUMMER   FARUK
TRUNKS:   MF1 Boardshort 13   FLOW
BOOTS:   Leather Docks Blacks unisex  NEW!!   [I][I][M]

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Crazy Little Thing Called Love

HAIR:    Angie    TRUTH
DRESS:    Go Open Dress      CORVUS
JEWELRY:     Penguin Set    NEW!!    [I][I][M]

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I Want To Break Free

HAIR:    Laima    NEW!!    eXxEsS
DRESS:     Ruffle Dress Black     AMERICAN BAZAAR
SHOES:     We Will Rock You     MASHA

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miércoles, 26 de junio de 2013

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We go Together to Italy

On Pol:
HAIR:  Meshair Rich   CHEERNO
JACKET:     Breaker Jacket WTS     MM     LAVAROCK CREATIONS
PANTS:  Tube Jeans -Navy    REDGRAVE

On Truana:
HAIR:  Rashida   TRUTH
JEWELRY:   Dragon's Tail Set  NEW!!   [I][I][M]
 SHOES:  Kioto     KOKOIA
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Listening to Your Whispers

HAT:    Jones Cowboy Hat Green Snake     NEW!!    LEGAL INSANITY
SHIRT:    Buttoned Shirt Black    BLUEBERRY
SHORT:    Plaid Pocket Short    GROUP GIFT    [IN]SIGHT
BOOTS:     Leather Docks unisex brown     NEW!!    [I][I][M]

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Ups where are my guns?

HAT:  Jones cowboy hat bullets  NEW!!  LEGAL INSANITY
PANTS:  RKX17 cargo pants   RAMS WEAR

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Castle On A Cloud. Les Misérables

HAIR:   Brianna   TRUTH
OUTFIT:    Miss Autumn     GROUP GIFT for Fashion Trend      BME
(Included Hat, Pashmina and Boots)

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martes, 25 de junio de 2013

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Birds of Clay?

HAIR:    Hollana   TRUTH
OUTFIT:    Mazu ( Available in 9 Colors)    ONLY DAY 25 L$    OAL
FEET:     Tip Toe Bare Feets    GROUP GIFT     KOKOIA
TRUNK:    Treasure Chest     ONLY DAY 25 L$     OAL
(9 Sits and Even a Hide, Mesh)

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The Princess of Your Dreams

HAIR:     Soleil    TRUTH
JEWELRY:     Daiana Diamond      GEWUNJO
DRESS:    Higher Gown     GROUP GIFT    MASOOM

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The Gunman has Already Reached the City

HAIR:    Lavinia    TRUTH
HAT:     Jones Cowboy Hat Skulls    NEW!!    LEGAL INSANITY
DRESS:    Summer Dress Lace  (with Texturehud)    NEW!!      [I][I][M]

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lunes, 24 de junio de 2013

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Beach in Hawaii

HAIR:    Indra    eXxEsS
SHIRT:     Flow Long Cardigan (with Color HUD)    NEW!!    [I][I][M]
SKIRT:     Recicle Skirt Brown (3 Tones)      DOP
FEET:    Tip Toe Bare Feets     GROUP GIFT      KOKOIA

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In motorcycle meetin

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The Roof is on Fire

HAIR:   Bailey    TRUTH
DRESS:    Zebra tank dress   HT HUNT!!    SASSY
EARRINGS:      Papiliona Silver     GEWUNJO
NECKLACE:    Papiliona Silver    GEWUNJO
BOOTS:    Leather Docks Unisex Black    NEW!!    [I][I][M]

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Between Containers

HAT:    Rockstar Hat   NERD MONKEY
JACKET:    18Hangar  FLOW

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domingo, 23 de junio de 2013

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Breakfast at Tiffany's

HAIR:   Kiki    TRUTH
DRESS:    Taylor Dress   ES HUNT!!    SASSY

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The Colonial Cause

HAIR:   Brianna Fades   TRUTH
DRESS:     Ingenue Dress     NEW!!   SASSY  in  THE BOOBIES SHOW
(Included Appliers for Tango, Lush, Eboobs, Bbusty)

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sábado, 22 de junio de 2013

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Everything Counts

TOP:    Bandanatop ( with Texturehud )   NEW!!    [I][I][M] 
PANTS:     Leatherpants    NEW!!     [I][I][M] 
SHOES:     Platformpumps ( with TextureHud )    NEW!!   [I][I][M] 

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Nothing Compares To You

HAIR:   Marie    DIVA
SHIRT:     Skull&Brushes      URBAN VICTIM
SKIRT:    Chain Skirt Suede (TextureHud)     NEW!!    [I][I][M]

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With Or Without You

HAIR:    ColourDemo Black    GROUP GIFT    RED MINT
SHIRT:    Lacetanktop    NEW!!    [I][I][M]
VEST:     Jey Tank Vest Uni ( with HuTexture)   NEW!!     [I][I][M]
SKIRT:     Side Slit Miniskirt     GROUP GIFT     [IN]SIGHT
SHOES:     Kioto ( 10 Colors Hud)     KOKOIA
POSE:    Drama 7 ( Pack 8 Poses)      AXIX

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viernes, 21 de junio de 2013

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Not Serious this Cemetery

HAIR:    Rashida    TRUTH
SHIRT:     Jey Tank Top  Lips   NEW!!    [I][I][M]   
PANTS:     Leggins   NEW!!    [I][I][M]
SHOES:     Amsterdam     GROUP GIFT      FP

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Enchanted Life

HAIR:     Hollana     TRUTH
DRESS:     Enchantment    NEW!!     BME
(Included Hat and Necklace)

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Always on My Mind

HAIR:    Dhara Naturals    NEW!!    TAMELESS
DRESS:    Raute ( with HudTexture)   NEW!!    [I][I][M]
SHOES:     Kioto (With Hud10 Colors)   NEW!!    KOKOIA

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The Fantasy Lives Forever

HAIR:    Pandora Fantasy  NEW!!   TAMELESS
TOP:    Midnight Summer     MS HUNT!!    MASOOM
SKIRT:   Study Leather    NEW!!    [I][I][M]
SHOES:     Kioto    KOKOIA

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jueves, 20 de junio de 2013

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I Like the Speed ... and to You?

HAIR:    Hallie    TAMELESS
SKIN:     Castiel Pale   NEW!!   HOT STUFF
( Hands and Toes Appliers, and Tango Applier)
OUTFIT:   Jazmin Red   NEW!!    Hot Stuff for THE BOOBIES PLANET 
(Included T. Applier)

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Do Not Talk of Yesterday

HAIR:    Joy    WASABI
SKIN:     Castiel Tan     NEW!!     HOT STUFF
( Hands and Toes Slik Appliers, and Tango Applier)
SHIRT:     Tube Top     ES HUNT!!    MASOOM
PANTS:      Jeansleggins Blue       [I][I][M]
SHOES:     Shaori Black       [AHN-JI] 

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miércoles, 19 de junio de 2013

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And I'll Look in Greenland

HAIR:   Zuzka   TRUTH
GLASSES:    Sheldon Sunglasses Plain Colors   NEW!!     LEGAL INSANITY
DRESS:    Simply Ravishing Fuschia (with T. Appliers )    SASSY
SHOES:    We Will Rock You     NEW!!    MASHA

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Silence of Love

HAIR:   Vesna   EXXESS
SHIRT:    Hourglass Tank Top Female    LAVAROCK CREATIONS
SKIRT:     Chain Lace (with HudTexture)    NEW!!   [I][I][M]
SHOES:    We Will Rock You  White    MASHA

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Strange Worlds

HAIR:     Liz    AMACCI
DRESS:    Chenille Dress Soft Blue   NEW!!    LAVAROCK CREATIONS
JEWELRY:   Daiana Diamond   GEWUNJO
SHOES:     Kioto Shoes 10 Colors     NEW!!     KOKOIA
(with Hud Color Shoes, Nails, Skin, Accessories)

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