viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

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Berliner Post

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Prison Break

HAIR:    Celeste Fantasy    NEW!!     TAMELESS
TOP:     Flouncy Crop Top *solid* with Colorhud     NEW!!    [I][I][M]
PANTS:    Chicago Pants female    LUCKY CHAIR     YASUM
(Included Boots and Hat)

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The Crazy Ages 20´S

HAT:   Rockstar Hat   NERD MONKEY
JACKET:   18Hangar  NEW!!  FLOW
PANTS:   animal pants  BOUILLON

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Rest of Neptune

HAIR:   Reissa  Naturals   NEW!!   TAMELESS
SHAPE & SKIN:     Lala (Included Skin, Shape and T. Applier)    NEW!!   MASHA
DRESS:   Kashmala dress pink    NEW!!    MASOOM
SHOES:    Shaori    [AHN-JI]

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jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013

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HAIR:     Bailey    TRUTH
BREASTS:    Lolas Tango    LOLAS
OUTFIT:    Heather - THe Boobies Planet Item    NEW!!   HOT STUFF
(Included Boots, Glasses and T. Applier)

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Leaving Back to Enemies

HAIR:   Ursula    TRUTH
SHIRT:     Verano Tank Top Woman    NEW!!    NyTrO
PANTS:     Omg Loose Pant Unisex Red     NyTrO 

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Do you ride with me?

HAIR:   Kumi - Browns Pack -   /Wasabi Pills/
TOP:   Juliane   HUNT   R.icielli
SKIRT:   Melissa   FREE   Blueberry
SHOES:   Tundra   ( includes Stockings )   GROUP GIFT   JD
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I Want to Dance

HAIR:    Colour Demo Fantasy    GROUP GIFT     RED MINT
PIERCINGS:    Unisex Face Piercing     PHOEBE
DRESS:   Jasmine Gown    NEW!!    GIRLICIOUS
(Included Shoes, Glitter and TextureHud)
POSE:    Lola 4   (Pack 8 poses)      AXIX

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miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

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I`m Hungry

HAIR:    Dura-Boy 33     DURA
T-SHIRT:   Double T-Shirts - 10  NEW!!    FLOW
PANTS:   Raw Skinny Pant  Man Black   NYTRO
SHOES:   Wild Skater Shoes Man Browm Socks  NEW!!  NYTRO 

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A Story by the Source

JEWELRY:    Barbara White    GEWUNJO
DRESS:      Kashmala Dress Orange    NEW!!     MASOOM
BAG:    Lady Clutch Black     LAVAROCK CREATIONS
SHOES:     Shaori Orange    [AHN-JI]

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My Ray of Light

  HAIR:   Mindy - black & whites   >TRUTH<
 SHIRT:  Sweet - Baby Sweter Lace   FREE   {A&C}
BRA:   Lust   -Phoenix-
SKIRT:   Alice   Blueberry
SHOES:   Lulu   GROUP GIFT   N-core
POSE:   Cute poses   FREE   :.:FUDGE:.:
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Tram Routes

HAIR:    Vesna    eXxEsS
JEWELRY:    Finetta Diamond (Earrings and Necklace)    GEWUNJO
SHIRT:    Short Shirt  Fatpack   NEW!!    [I][I][IM]
SHORTS:      Boyshorties Fatpack    NEW!!    [I][I][M]

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Strange Machines

HAIR:    Hallie - Naturals   TAMELESS
OUTFIT:     Ruffle-Dots-Top with Colorhud    NEW!!    [I][I][M] 
SHOES:     Wild Skater Shoes Unisex Pink     NEW!!     NyTrO
POSE:     Drama 2 ( Pack 8 Poses )      AXIX

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martes, 28 de mayo de 2013

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Avoiding Laws

SHIRT:    Flouncy Crop Top *flower* with Colorhud     NEW!!      [I][I][M]
PANTS:    Skinnypants with Belt Solid      [I][I][M] 
SHOES:    Lulu Red     GROUP GIFT    N-CORE

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lunes, 27 de mayo de 2013

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Ghost Town

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Night of Princesses

HAIR:    Kiki    TRUTH
(Included Jewelry, Shoes and Minidress) 

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Turkish Tour

HAIR:  Drake   TRUTH
GLASSES:  Nerd Sunglasses Red Checkers Unisex  NEW!!  NYTRO
T-SHIRT:   Double T-Shirts - 9 NEW!!  FLOW
PANTS:  Raw Skinny Pant Man Black  NYTRO

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Port of Happiness

HAIR:   Lavinia    TRUTH
GLASSES:   Superstar Aviators Gold Summer   NEW!!   LEGAL INSANITY
OUTFIT:    Xara   NEW!!    HOT STUFF

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domingo, 26 de mayo de 2013

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In Amsterdam canals

GLASSES:    Superstar Aviators summer black - guys ed  NEW!!  LEGAL INSANITY

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I do not Want to Get Away

HAIR:   Changes    ELIKATIRA
GLASSES:    Superstar Aviators Black Summer   NEW!!   LEGAL INSANITY
SHIRT:    Pixel Overload Girl    URBAN VICTIM
PANTS:    Skinnypants with Belt Stripes    NEW!!   [I][I][M]

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sábado, 25 de mayo de 2013

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Little Sister

On Tru:
HAIR:    Zuzka   TRUTH
BODYSUIT:      Body Suit Black     GROUP GIFT    Rack City for  GOL EVENT
BREASTS:   Lolas Tango    LOLAS
SHOES:    Shaori    [AHN-JI]

On Hanni:
HAIR:    Cate    TRUTH
TINY MESH BODY:     ToddleeDoo  BabyGirl     CUTE BYTES
OUTFIT:    Funky Punky     THE BLOSSOM
(Included Sneakers)

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HAIR:    Jessie   TRUTH
GLASSES:    Nerd Sunglasses Pink    NEW!!    NyTrO
TOP:   Basic short Top    SUBSCRIBER GIFT     CHEEKY
SKIRT:      Liz Mini Skirt Suede Leather Grey    NEW!!     LEGAL INSANITY
( 5 colors and TextureHud Belt)

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viernes, 24 de mayo de 2013

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Sweet House

HAIR:    Hallie    NEW!!    TAMELESS
BREASTS:   Lolas Tango   LOLAS
TOP:    She's All That (T. Apl¡plier)   GROUP GIFT   HolliPocket for ENERGY
PANTS:    Ladys Lowrise Jeans blue    NEW!!    [I][I][M]
SHOES:     Thin Flat Shoes with TextureHud      NyTrO
POSE:   Lola 7 (Pack 8 Poses)    AXIX

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I Can Not Stand Your Temper

HAIR:   Shakira   NEW!!   TAMELESS
BREASTS:     Lolas Tango     LOLAS
OUTFIT:    Calixta (Included T. Applier)     NEW!!     HOT STUFF
SHOES :     Coqueta Doll      KIKI
POSE:     Lola 3  (Pack 8 Poses)     AXIX

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jueves, 23 de mayo de 2013

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Step to Buddhism

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Red World

HAIR:   Canto   [LELUTKA]
SHAPE:   Raven   FREE   ::SP::
POSE & MAKE-UP!:   Cute poses & Icecream, Peach & Rasberry   FREE   :.:FUDGE:.:
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I have Hunger

HAIR:    Hallie    NEW!!    TAMELESS
SHIRT:     Urban Chic tshirts V6 white    LEGAL INSANITY
(Included TextureHud)
PANTS:   Skinnypants with Belt Karo    NEW!!     [I][I][M]
(Included TextureHud)
SHOES:    Coquetta    KIKI 
POSE:    Drama 4 (Pack 8 Poses)    NEW!!     AXIX

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In the old cinema

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That's Not the Way

HAIR:   Color Demo Red   GROUP GIFT     RED MINT
SHIRT:    The Energy Top   GROUP GIFT   No-You for ENERGY
PANTS:    Ladys Lowrise Jeans black   NEW!!   [I][I][M]  
POSE:   Drama 1 ( Pack 8 Poses)   NEW!!    AXIX

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Silence Please

HAIR:   Vesna   eXxEsS
SHIRT:    Urban Chic Tshirts V1 black   LEGAL INSANITY
SKIRT:     Liz mini skirt suede leather black     NEW!!    LEGAL INSANITY
(Included HudColors Belt)
BOOTS:    Feel Free boots   GROUP GIFT    SHUSHU
POSE:   Drama 6  (Pack 8 poses )   NEW!!    AXIX

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Lost in the paradise

HAIR:  Dura-Boy-33     DURA
TRUNKS:  Asto Remy Swimming Trunks 70's  NEW!!  FLOW
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miércoles, 22 de mayo de 2013

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The Source of Life

DRESS:    Stars Minidress with Texturehud    NEW!!    [I][][M]
POSE:    Drama 2 (Pack with 8 poses)   NEW!!    AXIX

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Very Heat

HAIR:   Lavinia   TRUTH
DRESS:    Flowers Dress (Included T. Applier)    NEW!!   GIRLICIOUS
BREASTS:    Lolas Tango   LOLAS
SHOES:     Nora S.N.E    [AHN-JI]
POSE:    Drama 7  ( Pack with 8 poses)   NEW!!   AXIX

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The Pearl, Old Italy

HAIR:   Zuzka    TRUTH
SHAPE:   Andressa  GROUP GIF  Belissima for GOL EVENT
DRESS:   Lea Dress Pink    NEW!!   GIRLICIOUS
POSE:     Drama 3 (Pack with 8 poses)    NEW!!    AXIX

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martes, 21 de mayo de 2013

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Jungle Expedition

HAIR:   Dura-Boys&Girls-40    DURA
PANTS:  animal pants  MOH3 HUNT!!  BOUILLON

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In my Room

HAIR:   Josie   TRUTH
SHIRT:    Tops lace  GROUP GIFT   DeeTaleZ for  GOL EVENT
BRACELET:    Gol Lether Bracelets Unisex   GROUP GIFT    PP for  GOL EVENT

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Mine !!

On Tru: 
HAIR:   Becky   TRUTH
OUTFIT:    Helena Swag Outfit Woman Black    NEW!!    NYTRO

On Pol:
HAIR:   Drake   TRUTH
JACKET:    Suit Baggy Jacket Man    NEW!!    NYTRO
PANTS:      Joggingpants Male       MOH3 HUNT!!     DELIRIUM STYLE 

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Come on, Baby !

On Truana:


On polnewman:

SHIRT:  Music is Life Tank  MOH 3 HUNT!!  SOUR PICKLES

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The Great Tahari

HAIR:    Ursula   TRUTH
DRESS:    Lilith Ruby  (Included Bracelets)    ONLY DAY 25L$    OAL
DANGLE:   Lilith    ONLY DAY  25 L$    OAL

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lunes, 20 de mayo de 2013

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Mother and Daughter

On Hanna:
HAIR:    Canto    LELUTKA
DRESS:    Kamalin Dress (3 dresses)    GIFT!!   CYNFUL ANNIVERSARY
(Yellow and Striped Simmertime Easy)
BRACELETS:    Gol Lether Bracelets - Unisex  GROUP GIFT    PP for GOL EVENT
SHOES:    Coqueta Platform     KIKI

On Truana:
HAIR:   Brianna    TRUTH
DRESS:    Kamalin Dress (3 dresses )   GIFT!!   CYNFUL ANNIVERSARY
(Light Coral and Yellow)
JEWELRY:     Love U - Silver&Blue   GROUP GIFT    {mE} for GOL EVENT
(Included Earrings, Rings, Necklace and Headband)
SHOES:     Shaori  Black     [AHN-JI]

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Fresh Moment

TATTOO:   Tattoo RocknRoll  MOH 3 HUNT!!   TATTOOART

BOXERS:  fabio boxer shock  NEW!!   LEGAL INSANITY

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Old Park

HAIR:     Guinevere      TRUTH
SHIRT:    Urban Chic Tshirts with Hud      NEW!!    LEGAL INSANITY
PANTS:    Splatter Jeans Fem     LAVAROCK CREATIONS
BAG:    Lady Clutch Spiked Skull Denim   NEW!!   LAVAROCK CREATIONS
SHOES:    Thin Flat Shoes Woman Simple     NYTRO

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domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013

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Visit to Roma

HAIR:  Dura-Boy-33  DURA
NECKCLAKE:  Rock my life   MOH 3 HUNT!!   ETHAM
PANTS:  Cargo Shorts Red  MOH 3 HUNT!!  22769

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Little Auto

HAIR:   Swift   TRUTH
DRESS:   Tendresse   GIFT    Legal Insanity  for CYNFUL ANNIVERSARY
SHOES:    Barbie High Heels    NEW!!    MASHA

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I Need a Snack

HAIR:    Becky    TRUTH

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