viernes, 25 de abril de 2014

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Put Feet in the Ponderosa

HAT:   Cowboy Hat Unisex   NEW!!   FLAX PYE STUDIO
(With Hud Texture Hat, Strap and Tobacco)
HAIR:   Weles   eXxEsS
SHIRT:   April Sleeveless Shirt   LAVAROCK CREATIONS
(Included Hud Texture Vest, Shirt and Buttons)
PANTS:   Stefani Slim Patchwork Red/Brown   NEW!!   LEGAL INSANITY
SNEAKERS:   Urban Female Sneakers   NEW!!   LAVAROCK CREATIONS
(Included Hud Texture for Sneakers, Sole, Socks, Laces, Straps and Tongues)


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